Looking for land

For the last 3 years we were working towards purchasing a piece of land near the house that didn’t have any building on it and the owner was working with us on financing.  The land is beautiful and has an amazing view but we found out that it is in what is called “zona verde” here in Costa Rica which means it has a lot of restrictions on it when it comes to building.  The problems will be a headache all the way through if we purchase the land as we would have to get an exception to put each and every building on it.  At any time they would be able to tell us no and that would be the end of construction so we started looking for “plan B”.

Cabin at Poco Cielo

There is a resort right down the street from my house that has 5 cabins, a rancho and a pool.  This would work perfectly for construction and ministry teams.

Rancho at Poco Cielo

The rancho would be used for meals for the teams.

The land between the rancho and the river

There is enough land here for the school and a large rancho that we would use for meetings and parties.

Area for children’s homes and office

There is enough room for 5 children’s homes (room for 50 children) and an office in this area.


This area is the perfect size for a basketball/tennis/volleyball court.

This is where we will put a combination court for basketball, tennis and volleyball.  The children can also use it for rollerblading, skate boarding, and riding bikes.  The hill to the left will be used for the play ground area.

Cost for the land is $780,000.  To donate to the project click on this link https://give.gme.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=298&fid=ZdtFXed4DQE%3d&fdesc=hTgxMRtycdjED4gV1LAAhhrcpSRXPyOmeF8wsKFs6jUm8WRr%2bRHuqA%3d%3d  There is a $1,000 match donation for the next two years.  To turn you $1 into $2 donate now.

Blessings to all that are part of this project of raising the children of Costa Rica that will not be adopted.

Changing lives one child at a time

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Children’s clo…

Children’s clothing inventory is complete and the list for needed items has been updated.  Thank you to everyone who has given and who will give in the future.  May God richly bless you for giving to the children of Costa Rica!

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Where we are with the paperwork

We have been working on the paperwork to make Residence of Life a legal not for profit company in Costa Rica and to be able to open the children’s home.
So far we have our business license, our board, permission from the city to use our rented home as the childrens home, initial permission from family services, and now are working on a 14 page document from the health department to make the changes needed to open the home. Once we are finished with this stage then all the paperwork will go to family services for their final approval. We are going to meet with the health department and have them go over the home and tell us what we have to do now and what we can wait until later to do. Hopefully they will allow us to wait for most items so we can get the home open and full of children soon.

Update:  We now have approval from the health department for ages 12-18.  We are still waiting for the paperwork for ages 0-12.  We have started the paperwork with family services with the one health department approval and will add the second approval to the paperwork once we get it.  We were told that this process will take months so it is best to have both going at the same time and hopefully this will save some time.

Update as of March 2013:  We have approval from Family Services and have had children since December 14, 2012.  We are still working on getting approval from the health department.  Hopefully we will finish everything on the long list this week and will get approval very quickly.


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Residence of Life- Changing Lives One Child At a Time

There are three different groups of foster children in Costa Rica that do not usually get the opportunity to be adopted;

The first group is large sibling groups.  Most sibling groups of three or more children are not adopted.  This is understandable since most people do not want a readymade family of this size all in one day.  Costa Rica adopts in sibling groups which is a wonderful thing except for the groups of three or more who end up getting stuck in the system. 

The second group is children over the age of four.  Most parents that are adopting children want to have a child that does not remember their past.  These children were taken from their homes for very severe reasons and if they remember all of this it is a hard thing for the children to overcome at times.  For this reason, children over the age of four are another group that are stuck in the foster care system of Costa Rica.

The third group is children with disabilities.  These disabilities can range from slight to severe and as it is in all parts of the world, these children are stuck in the foster system as well. 

Our goal at “Residencia de Vida”, or in English “Residence of Life”, is to take the unadoptable children and give them a home that is a loving and stable environment.  They will come to us at any age between birth and age eighteen.  Our goal is to open ten homes to house one hundred children.  The children will be kids that have been in foster care for anywhere from a few months to several years.  They will be considered abandoned before coming to us which means there is not any family members that are willing to take them.  Their parents will have already lost parental rights and they will know when coming to us that they will not be returning to their families.  Although the option for them being adopted will always be there, statistically we know that most if not all of them will not be adopted.  We want them to have peace of mind knowing that this will be their life and that they will be loved and well taken care of in our facilities. 

This orphanage is just beginning by renting a home to start with the first 10 children.  Our goal is to purchase property (10 acres) and start the building process.  Hopefully we will be able to open a home every one to two years until we have opened the tenth home.  The facility will include outdoor recreational areas, learning areas, and an area for a garden and orchard. 

We would like to be able to raise all of our own fruits and vegetables as well as have learning areas for the children.  Some of the life skills we will be teaching will be English, cooking, gardening, crafts, and sports activities.  Along with these life skills we will be tutoring for any of the children that need it as well as any other classes they would like to participate in.  We will have a preschool program that will include all children that are not part of the school system.  We will concentrate on age appropriate activities for the children so that when they do go to school they will be at grade level or above grade level for their age group. 

To complete this project we are in need of many kinds of help.  If you would like to be involved please look at the list below and see which areas would be something you would be interested in helping with.

  • Financial help
  • Purchasing needed items for the children
  • Volunteering your time
  • Praying for the ministry

We appreciate your help in raising the children of Costa Rica that need a place to call home.  Our goal is to change lives one child at a time.

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